Mar 4, 2024

The most powerful AI Marketing tool stack

Adam Baker

The landscape for AI Marketing Tools is saturated, as referenced in this lumina graph.

Over the past few years, developers of Marketing Software have been heads down building AI to enhance their existing capabilities. When thinking of buying Marketing Software, there is so much choice it’s confusing. 

Yet, most Marketing Software in silo only solves a narrow pain marketers have, requiring multiple software purchases to cover all bases. This adds huge amounts of complexity to the evaluating process, as knowing what AI Marketing Tools work and talk well together is scarcely documented.

So, here are 5 AI Marketing Tools that work brilliantly together and will have your website marketing needs covered.

For running and managing ad campaigns, use Albert:

Albert is an AI marketing platform designed for digital marketers. It automates and optimizes campaigns across channels such as search, social, and display advertising. It uses machine learning to adapt and improve strategies in real-time.

For retargeting, use AdRoll;

AdRoll is a retargeting platform that uses AI algorithms to target potential customers that have either previously visited your website and social media channels, or looks like those that have. It does this using personalized ads across various channels and helps businesses reach the right audience.

For website lead conversion, use Leadhat;

Leadhat is AI lead conversion software that enables businesses to add lead magnets and Call-To-Action buttons on their website and uses AI to understand what visitors are most interested in and displays the right content to the right people at the right time.

For content quality and optimization, use Atomic Reach:

Atomic Reach is an AI content optimization platform for improving content quality, readability, and engagement. It is designed to ensure the content you create is impactful and ROI oriented. 

For website personalization, use Evergage:

Evergage is a real-time personalization and customer data platform using AI for website and email personalization.